When Blood Lies

Author: Richards, Linda L.
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 160
List Price: 9.95
Suggested Grades: 9 to 12
FICTION – (Included in the Secondary Package – paperback)

“Nicole Charles didn’t go to journalism school to become a gossip columnist, but the job fell into her lap right out of school and her immigrant work ethic just won’t let her quit to find something she’d like better. It’s a good job, but she struggles with the stigma attached to her position by other reporters. More than anything, she wants to be a real reporter, but it looks like she’s never going to get a chance.

Then one night while covering a gallery opening, she discovers a dead body in a dark alley. An up-and-coming artist has been stabbed in the throat with an antique icepick. Nicole is right in the middle of the biggest story of the year. It’s the chance of a lifetime. Too bad someone had to die to make it happen.”

Reviewed by Penta Ledger. CM: Canadian Review of Materials, March, 2016 Highly Recommended “When Blood Lies is a fast paced crime novel, complete with surprising twists. As a “Nicole Charles Mystery”, Richards does a solid job of continuing Nicole’s character from the other novels. However, the opening of the novel does provide some background so that the reader would not have to have read previous novels to understand Nicole’s situation as a struggling reporter.”