It’s Only the Himalayas

Author: Bedford, S.
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 224
List Price: 19.95
Suggested Grades: 10 and up
NON-FICTION – (Included in the Secondary Package – paperback)

NOTE: ***Some profanity***

“Sue, a disenchanted waitress, embarks upon a year-long quest around the world with her friend, Sara-who’s exasperatingly perfect. Expecting a whimsical jaunt of self-discovery, Sue instead encounters an absurd series of misadventures that render her embarrassed, terrified, and queasy (and in a lot of trouble with Philippine Airlines).

Whether she’s fleeing from ravenous lions, dancing amid smoking skulls, trekking Annapurna underprepared, or (accidentally) drugging an Englishman, Sue’s quick-witted, self-deprecating narrative might just inspire you to take your own chaotic adventure.”