Double Dutch

Author: Trunkey, Laura
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 280
List Price: 19.95
Suggested Grades: 10 and up
FICTION – (Included in the Secondary Package – paperback)

“Intensely imaginative and darkly emotional, the weird and wonderful stories in Double Dutch deftly alternate between fantasy and reality, transporting readers into strange worlds that are at once both familiar and uncanny – where animals are more human, and people more mysterious, than they first appear.

Shape-shifters, doppelgangers, and spirits inhabit the extraordinary worlds depicted in Trunkey’s stories: a single mother believes her toddler is the reincarnation of a terrorist; Ronald Reagan’s body double falls in love with the first lady; a man grieves for his wife after a bear takes over her body. The collection also includes moving tales grounded in painful and touching reality: a young deaf girl visits Niagara Falls before she goes blind; an elephant named Topsy is killed on Coney Island by Thomas Edison in 1903; and a woman learns the truth about her son’s disappearance while searching with her husband in the Canadian Rockies.

This enchanting and, at times, heartbreaking debut collection of stories hails the arrival of an exceptional new literary talent.”

Review by Alex Good. Quill and Quire, March, 2016 “Double Dutch is a confident debut collection containing nine stories that mostly offer varying perspectives on a single theme. That theme – the body/soul duality – is an old one, though the way Trunkey employs it is unfamiliar, at least by the standards of contemporary fiction.

…the overall effect of the collection is to make us feel that reality contains within it a spiritual dimension – a message near to the heart of every storyteller as well as a good part of their art.”