Bodies We Wear, The

Author: Roberts, Jeyn
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 368
List Price: 12.99
Suggested Grades: 9 to 12
FICTION – (Included in the Secondary Package – paperback)

NOTE: ***Drug addiction is a major theme in this book***

“Heam: It’s the hottest drug around. Users are able to see Heaven-a place so beautiful, so indescribably serene, many people never want to come back. And some don’t, like Faye’s best friend, Christian. But when Faye was forced to take Heam, she didn’t see Heaven; she saw Hell. And now she spends her nights training to take revenge on the men who destroyed her future and murdered Christian. When a mysterious young man named Chael appears, Faye’s plans suddenly get a lot more complicated. Will Faye overcome her desires, or will her quest for revenge consume her?”

Kirkus Review “Not perfectly constructed, but Faye’s strong yet flawed character is worth getting to know.”