Rule of Three: Will to Survive, The

ruleof3willAuthor: Walters, Eric
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 320
List Price: 21
Suggested Grades: 7 to 12
FICTION – (Included in the Middle and Secondary Packages – hardcover)

A person can last 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food-the rule of three.

Will to Survive is the gripping conclusion to an acclaimed trilogy about one suburban neighborhood’s existence after a global blackout.

Teenager Adam Daley has killed again. It had to be done, part of him knows that, but murder changes a person. It can certainly change a kid who’s already grown up too quickly, too harshly, in the wake of the catastrophic global shutdown four months ago. In the name of safety and survival, Adam and his neighbors have turned their community into a fortress, defending against countless enemies. But what’s lurking in the dark is a greater danger than ever before: somebody who wants to destroy the neighborhood and Adam at any cost. Soon, the hunted will have to become the hunter.

As this apocalyptic trilogy hurtles to a chilling conclusion, Adam is pushed to the edge of his endurance and sanity.”