Pearl Harbor

pearlAuthor: Johnson, Robin
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 48
List Price: 11.95
Suggested Grades: 4 to 7
NON-FICTION – (Included in the Middle and Elementary Extra Packages – paperback)

“This engaging book describes the surprise air raid by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, that shocked the United States into joining the war in Europe. This gripping account describes events leading up to the attack, the preparation made by the Japanese military, the chaos of the attack, and the unleashing of the atomic bomb afterward on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Chrome series is designed for reluctant, under-confident readers who read several levels below their actual grade. The series helps struggling readers build background knowledge, vocabulary and experience reading success through highly engaging and timely topics.”

Reviewed by Thomas F. Chambers. CM: Canadian Review of Materials, March, 2016 Highly Recommended “Pearl Harbor has a number of valuable teaching aids. There is a “Glossary” and a section called “Learning More” which includes books and websites. The words in the Glossary are also included in the pages in the text where they are used. This approach saves the reader from having to refer to the Glossary for an unknown term, and the Glossary serves as a handy reference for later use. Two maps are included. One shows the Pacific Ocean and the distance between Japan and Pearl Harbor. The second is a map of Pearl Harbor showing the location of the US fleet when the Japanese attacked and the extent of the damage. Every second page has a sidebar with information relevant to the story. One, for example, explains why Japan in called the Land of the Rising Sun.

Robin Johnson, has written many books for young readers, including Katy Perry and Pompeii. Her writing style is perfect for young children.”