Mission Mumbai

missionmumAuthor: Narsimhan, Mahtab
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 272
List Price: 19.99
Suggested Grades: 5 to 8
FICTION – (Included in the Middle and Elementary Extra Packages – hardcover)

“When aspiring photographer Dylan Moore is invited to join his best friend Rohit Lal on a family trip to India, he jumps at the chance to embark on an exciting journey just like their Lord of the Rings heroes, Frodo and Sam. But each boy comes to the trip with a problem: Rohit is desperate to convince his parents not to leave him behind in Mumbai to finish school, and Dylan is desperate to use his time in India to prove himself as a photographer and to avoid his parents’ constant fighting. Keeping their struggles to themselves threatens to tear the boys apart. But when disaster strikes, Dylan and Rohit realize they have to set aside their differences to navigate India safely, confront their family issues, and salvage their friendship.”

Reviewed by Todd Kyle. CM: Canadian Review of Materials, April, 2016 Highly Recommended “Mission Mumbai is an all-too-rare children’s book that portrays the contemporary life of immigrant North America, eschewing tales of hardship and rejection for universal themes of friendship, family, adventure, and comedic mishap.

…the boy’s friendship, and their reluctance to tell each other their true feelings, is as real as it gets, and their hilarious adventures in an exotic land will keep readers fascinated. With its feet planted firmly on both sides of the Atlantic, Mission Mumbai is as entertaining as it is enlightening.”

Kirkus Review “An adrenaline-charged exploration of Mumbai with two likable guides.”