Mars Evacuees

marsevacAuthor: McDougall, Sophia
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 432
List Price: 14.99
Suggested Grades: 6 to 9
FICTION – (Included in the Middle and Elementary Extra Packages – paperback)

“In a future in which alien intervention has drastically reversed global warming, British schoolgirl Alice Dare discovers that, instead of beginning a new semester at Muckling Abbot School for Girls, she’s been drafted into basic training on Mars, fighting the enemies of the human race. As a member of the youth defence force, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But it sure wasn’t being shot at, chased by invisible aliens, befriending a robot goldfish – and then having to save the galaxy!

A stellar new adventure sci-fi series, perfect for fans of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl.”