Over-Scheduled Andrew

overschedAuthor: Spires, Ashley
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 32
List Price: 19.99
Suggested Grades: K to 3
PICTURE BOOK – (hardcover)

Andrew loves putting on plays so he decides to join the drama club at school. Determined to make his performance the be best it can, he joins the debate club to practice his public speaking. He signs up for dance and karate to help with his coordination. Then he’s asked to play for the tennis team and edit the school newspaper. Before long he’s learning to play the bagpipes, attending Spanish classes and joining the French film club. Suddenly Andrew doesn’t have time for anything or anyone else, not even his best friend Edie. And he definitely doesn’t have time to sleep. Will Andrew figure out how to balance all his favorite activities and his best friend at the same time? A hilarious, over-the-top look at a common issue faced by many kids today.”

Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson. CM: Canadian Review of Materials, November, 2015 Highly Recommended “While Over-Scheduled Andrew is intended for an early years audience, its message should also serve as a cautionary tale for parents who might be tempted to over-schedule their own children’s lives while forgetting that we all need time to just “play”.”

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