National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off

everyspaceAuthor: Becker, Helaine
Pub. Date: 2016
Pages: 64
List Price: 15.99
Suggested Grades: 4 to 7
NON-FICTION – (paperback)

Everything Space begins by exploring the space in our neighborhood then branches out to examine the secrets of the universe. It introduces the solar system, how scientists study space, how stars are born and die, and how astronauts train for space missions. Space programs and heroes are featured along with an exploration of facts vs fiction. The book is filled with fascinating diagrams, infographics, photos, charts, and other appealing visuals.”

Reviewed by Gail Hamilton. CM: Canadian Review of Materials, October, 2015 Highly Recommended “This captivating book has its own particular appeal as it discusses a variety of space-related topics in four main chapters. Most of the double-page spreads in each chapter begin with an introductory paragraph. The remainder of the information is found in text boxes with accompanying colour photographs. This layout is not only attractive, but it also lends itself to the book’s being read in small snippets, or readers can choose areas of specific interest on which to focus. “Galactic Facts” bars appear in narrow bands across the bottom of the page (e.g. “Since gravity affects time, your feet age slightly faster than your head.”), while “Explorer’s Corner” boxes feature astronomer Brendan Mullan who shares information about the universe.

Fascinating and educational – out of this world!”

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